Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Tale of the Underwhelming Midwife

Wednesday 14th December
Spartacus 17+3

Firstly, little Sparty's heartbeat was heard (albeit briefly) and all blood tests and blood pressure came back fine so that's the main conclusion to draw from my tale, however I did leave the appointment yesterday feeling altogether underwhelmed.

My appointment was 20 minutes late, having been made to wait outside in the cold until the Midwife was ready for me, as the main reception was closed.

My midwife was not there and so I had another one, she told me that Helen (my community midwife) was swapping areas with Caroline from January, so this lady (don't even know her name) was covering until then.

She wasn't rude or horrid, simply indifferent, she went through the motions and I was in and out in less than 15 minutes, that in itself I wouldn't have minded, but I just felt a bit like a number and she was going through the motions.  I had to push to even get her to listen for the heartbeat as 'they don't normally do that at 16 weeks,' despite me being told that they would... I think it highlighted for me just how the NHS operates, it's very random, and all staff are most likely underpaid and overworked.  Just a little bit of friendliness and treating me like a person would have been nice.  I only had two questions but forgot to ask them as I was rushed in and out.  But never mind - the main thing was that all was good.

I only got to hear Sparty's heartbeat for a few seconds but it was a lovely thing to hear!  It sounded like a chugging train.  Tom thinks that Sparty is a stealth baby as he/she moves away from the machine as soon as it goes on my tummy - doing exactly the same thing with the scan!  I'm so pleased that Baby E is still doing well in there (in the crudest terms - still alive) and we've not got very long to wait now until the 21 week scan just after Christmas.

Other News
My sickness has now virtually disappeared, i'll still have the odd queasy moment and my food tastes and aversions are still not back to normal, but its just delightful to be feeling normal (if that makes sense)

We bought a pregnancy pillow last weekend, which I'm getting used to, I can see how this will be useful for me as I get bigger - although today in particular I'm feeling massive already and have such a long way to go yet.  We also bought a couple more clothing items for Sparty - mainly because they were on offer; i'm reluctant to buy anything more substantial as I want to get past 24 weeks.

I've been having quite a few aches and pains in the last few days, in my hips and tummy, I've been assured this is normal as my uterus continues to grow and stretch to make room, its quite uncomfortable already, especially after eating.  I'm beginning to get an idea of just how difficult and uncomfy this might become :-(

Despite this though, I'm actually beginning to enjoy little bits now.  My bump is growing and its obvious that I'm pregnant (not just a bit podgy) now.  I'm able to look forward a bit more and the reality that we are having a baby -that we take home and is real, is starting to dawn on both me and Tom now.  I think that I'm feeling movement a bit more than before, its still hard to tell but its still relatively early days really.

I'm really looking forward to Christmas now that I've heard Sparty's heartbeat and roll on 2012 for another year of crazy madness - this time last year I was busily preparing to become a MRS and now i'm doing the same to become a MUMMY - wow!

Helen and Sparty

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