Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Wednesday 21st December
Sparty: 18+3

Today is my last day at work in 2011 and what an amazing year it has been!  I've worked out that I have only about 15 working weeks left until I'll finish for my maternity leave, that doesn't seem like a huge amount.

We had to have a quick visit to the hospital on Saturday as I got a little bit of pink spotting again, hardly anything but I'm not taking any chances so the Midwife at St Peter's said to pop in.  I thought we might have to be waiting for ages, like I'd done in early pregnancy but the midwife in triage called us straight in and she checked for a heartbeat and Sparty's heart was beating away, just like I'd heard the previous Tuesday.  Its the most amazing sound and I'm so pleased that Tom heard it for the first time too!  He thought it sounded like a lasso or some kind of space ship?  I just thought it sounded like the best sound i'd ever heard.  A strong, fast, rhythmic beat, letting us know that everything was OK.  I really really hope that I don't get this spotting again; there has been none since, fingers crossed.

In the last couple of days I'm feeling a bit more movement, its mostly just to the right of my belly button, or about one inch directly below and they feel like tiny little kicks, not flutters anymore and not strong enough to hurt but I'm pretty sure the feelings are the baby (still not 100% though!) I'm LOVING the feelings though, now that I'm getting used to it, its not freaky or strange anymore, just really reassuring.  I'm hoping that Tom might get to feel the movement over the Christmas holidays.

So onto Christmas and I really cannot wait this year!

Helen and Spartacus

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