Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pregnancy Yoga

Wednesday 7th December
Spartacus: 16+3

I love pregnancy yoga!  I had my first class on Saturday and it was such a lovely hour.  The teacher is very 'Earth Mother' and very spiritual (which usually is not my thing when taken too far, but an hour gives you the perfect balance I think.) There were just six of us in the class, four of whom are at 32 weeks or more.  One other girl joined the same day as me and she is 19 weeks so not that further ahead.  It was strange to be around other pregnant people but in a really nice way, like I was part of their club.
We started by doing some initial breathing exercises to relax us; she told us to put our hands on our babies, which I found quite strange to hear, talking about 'my baby'.  We then progressed to do lots of different stretches, positions that will be good for various stages in pregnancy like indigestion, heartburn, when you feel uncomfortable etc..  and moved even further into positions and stretches that would be useful in labour to 'breath your baby out'!
We also did lots of meditation-type exercises and movements, concentrating on feeling relaxed and passing that feeling on to our baby, we did the pelvic floor moves (which I need to continue to keep doing) and some moves that concentrate on strengthening your core strength. There were also some moves that we did for the baby, to get it used to hearing noises and spiralling -which is what happens during labour.  I found that quite amazing!
There were lots of different things for me to take in, learn from and hopefully improve upon.  Above all the class just made me feel relaxed, excited and at ease with being pregnant.  Now that the horrid sickness is disappearing, hopefully I can begin to enjoy this journey and I think that if I can continue my yoga then this will be beneficial to me. 

Helen and Sparty 

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