Monday, November 28, 2011


Monday 28th November
Spartacus: 15+1

So far my 14th and 15th week have been fairly quiet.  I've been having some good hours/half days/days even amongst the sick days so I'm really hoping that this means that the sickness is on its way out - please God!

I'm also feeling very tiny flutterings in my lower tummy but I'm not really too sure if this is the baby moving or if it's just in my imagination - its hard because if you focus on one area for long enough, I think you can make yourself believe something is happening.... does that make sense?  Its still pretty early to be feeling anything so I'm not worried, just intrigued!

Claire came over this weekend and lent me lots of her maternity clothes - yay!  And we had a nice evening at Tom and Laura's.  I still felt quite sick in the evening but it was just really have a normal night out and stay up past 9pm for once.  It was also really interesting to get stories, advise, tips, comments from both Laura and Claire, they weren't trying to ram anything down our throats or state that the way that they did things was right.  So it was nice just to listen and get their opinion on things.  I started, for the first time I think, to actually think about having an actual baby.

I got fitted for a new bra on Sunday.  It was getting a little ridiculous in my 32B's.  My size is now - wait for it - 36D - crazy!  But my new bra is very comfy and I guess that's part and parcel of it all.

Helen (and Spartacus)

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