Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm Pregnant!

We decided to take the first step in trying for a baby a few months ago and being the organised person that I am, I approached this with a lot of precision so I learnt all about ovulation, cycles, symptoms, timings etc ahead of time, I won't go into the in's and out's of trying (literally) but I will say that i'm very glad that we were lucky enough to conceive after only a few months and we're also secretly pleased that Tom's lucky pants really seemed to make a difference!

Tuesday 13th December (DPO12)
I took the first test as soon as I got up, knowing that my period was almost due.  I waited for the obligatory five minutes and when I stared down at the cheapo internet test, it wasn't stark white like it had been the previous month, there was something on it... could it be??  I took the test upstairs and woke Tom up.  I asked him if he could see something on there and he said that he could.  Both of us were not sure what this meant as there wasn't a line as such, but there wasn't not a line.  Anyway, I had a really big website presentation with my Managing Director that morning, so didn't want to think too much about what it could mean and I went to work as normal.

I got home that evening and did another test, this time with a more expensive First Response test and a beautiful strong line appeared straight away.  This. Was. It.  I. Was. Pregnant!

I honestly didn't know what to do then - I was shaking, in complete disbelief, excited, utterly shocked, and just mainly so excited to tell Tom.  He had just left work and would be back in 45 minutes - the longest of my life.  I called him to see where he was and I think I might have given it away a little during our conversation.  Suffice to say that when he arrived home and there was no dinner in the oven, I think he had an inkling that something was up.  I showed him the test and it was a very surreal moment.  Kind of like - OMG - right, wow - what do we do now then?  So, we went out for dinner to celebrate!

We went to a local Italian restaurant in Hersham, there was only one couple in there and the evening went by in a bit of a haze.  I had to literally look up everything on the menu to see if I could have it - I just didn't have a clue really!  We chatted about the next steps from here, when he/she might be due, how we were feeling and it was a nice, if a little random, evening.

I don't think I slept very much at all that night!  I was too excited, especially as I knew that I could tell Vic and Rocky in the next few days!

Symptoms at 3 weeks and 4 days  - NONE!

Helen (and Sparty 3+4)

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