Friday, November 18, 2011

Telling my sisters!

Wednesday 14th September
I did a digital pregnancy at work in the morning, which came up with 'PREGNANT' and then 1-2 weeks, this made it even more real for me and Tom and so we were happy then that we could tell my sisters.  I really wanted them to know straight away as I knew that they would be so much help for me in very different ways.  Vic has been through it before so could help me with what was 'normal' how I would be feeling, what I need to be doing etc.. and Rocky because she's often the person that can rationalise things a bit better for me, tell me when i'm stressing and be the person that I can chat to as someone that hasn't been through it either (if that makes sense!)

They were both over the moon when I told them and we all got very emotional, it kind of makes it more real, the more people you tell!  I immediately got Vic's advise on a few bits and pieces and it was just lovely to feel like its our secret now for the next 12 weeks!  I've got a long way to go until then and it feels very daunting at the moment - I just want to go to sleep and wake up on the day of my scan.

Symptoms - not very many, I'm feel hugely bloated and maybe a little queasy....

Helen (and Sparty!)

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