Friday, November 18, 2011

Never Ending Nausea and other Symptoms

So around 6 weeks the nausea set in.  Without sounding like a moany cow (although I sound like a moany cow but forgive me this indulgence)  Feeling sick, heaving and vomiting throughout the day has got to be one of the most depressing and awful feelings I've ever been though. The worst time for me overall has to be late afternoon/early evenings.  I usually have to walk home from the train quickly in order to make it to my bathroom in time.  Poor old Tom, he's either waiting outside for me to emerge looking like death, or sometimes during particularly bad sessions, I've wanted him near me, stroking my back and looking after me.  It must be so horrid for him but he's just been amazing and its really comforting to have him to give me a cuddle afterwards and tell me that I'm ok and he's looking after me - I've never seen him do so much washing up!

Sense of Smell
Doesn't the world stink?!  I can literally smell everything and its not nice.  London during rush hour on a train has got to be up there with the stinkiest of places to be.  I've taken to carrying my scarf around with me to use as a mask over my face when someone breathes near me, smokes near me, or is just near me!  I think that this contributes a lot of the symptom above.  I cannot even open the fridge without running to the toilet to be sick. The smell of fried, fatty foods is gross and I can rarely make it past a burger van or fast food vendor without heaving.  We've even had to pay to get our oven cleaned as I'm sure that I could smell old food burning whenever we used it.

Changing Taste Buds
Again, linked to the above two symptoms, there are now plenty of foods that I cannot go near and sadly these seem to be the healthy ones.  At one stage this baby was getting all his nutrients from pork pies, fish and chips and salt and vinegar discos :-(    The literature tells you that, at this early stage, just eat whatever you think you can keep down and so that's what I've been doing.  I miss salads and broccoli and fruit.  I promise I will start feeding you better Sparty - once I can keep it down!

Stupidly I thought that because I'm one of those girls that needs her sleep and early nights, that the tiredness symptom of pregnancy may not effect me too much.  How much earlier than 9:30/10:00pm can you go to bed?  The answer to that is around 8pm!!  I think this is getting better now (13 weeks) but there have been some evenings where I just cannot function after this stupidly early hour.  Its not like I've been waking up early either, I've been flat out as soon as I've got into bed.  Its tiring business growing organs, skin, bones and a face!

My body is changing!

Here is the proof - Just call me Dumpy Elliott - but eeek that is a baby bump!

  • The bloating started right away!  
  • Bigger and Heavier Boobs - Tom loves this symptom and I find it quite a weird one.
  • I definitely look pregnant in the evenings and often wonder how I'm going to keep up the secret when I look pregnant.
  • Indigestion - I guess that my dignity is already dwindling with this one (enough said)
  • My bum is big
I'm finding that my changing body is a very strange symptom as I've never been bigger before and its funny to see.  I've nicknamed myself 'Dumpy Elliott' as I'm certainly bigger all over.  I think probably partly because of the food that i've been eating and obviously because my body is getting itself ready, so apparently ensures that there are adequate fat stores to cope with the pregnancy.

Change in Identity
I don't really feel like me.  Sometimes I want the old Helen back and then I remember that this is a truly amazing thing that i'm going through and its only for nine months and then I can go back to being me.  I would never wish that I wasn't pregnant but hadn't quite appreciated just how different everything would be and how I would feel.  I sometimes look at Tom and feel sad that it will never be just the two of us again, so I really want to make the most of the next few months (please feel better soon Helen!)  On the flip side, we will have created something that is made from me and him and will therefore always be connected forever and ever!  

Helen (and Sparty)

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