Friday, November 18, 2011

Spartacus wants to say hello!

Friday 11th November
Spartacus 12+5

Today couldn't come fast enough.  Our appointment was at 9am.  I didn't sleep too badly considering but was up at 6:15am and just pottered about until it was time to leave at 8:15.

We were ushered straight into the sonographers room, we'd completed the form to say that we'd like to have all the screening tests done and I lay on the bed, extremely anxious and nervous.

'There is baby and there is the heartbeat'  I LOVE those words more and more!  Just an amazing sense of relief. The scan was simply amazing.  Sparty was moving around so much and it was magical to see.  He'd stretch his arms, legs, turn completely over, scratch his nose, and just wouldn't stop!  We couldn't believe it!  When you look at a scan picture, you get a 2D flat image and what me and Tom didn't realise was that you see so much more in the scan because it's in 3D so you see the whole arm moving up and down.  She showed us all the parts of his body as well as his full stomach and bladder!

The Sonographer took all the measurements that she could and then she got stuck.  Sparty had turned completely over so he was lying on his tummy on the bottom of my uterus.  So she couldn't do any of the main body measurements, and more importantly couldn't do the NT measurement, which is the key one to test for Down's Syndrome.

So to try and make him turn over, I had to move around a bit, shake my hips up and down and side to side, lie on one side and then turn over to the other, bump my bum against the bed but nothing was working.  So she suggested that we take a 15 minute break for me to have a walk around, something to eat and drink and then she would try again.

So we had quite an odd fifteen minutes (in which I went to the toilet three times??!) and when we were called back in, he'd moved into a perfect position and I think was asleep as he stayed still for the rest of the time.  Amazing to see the heart beating away and whilst she took the remaining measurements, we just gazed at the screen in delight.  I noticed that the NT was 1.3mm which I knew was def on the low side, so that reassured me.

When we had finished the Sonographer went through all the notes and told us that we were measuring four days ahead!  So I was actually 12+5 instead of 12+1 like I'd thought.  This puts our due date at May 20th 2012.

Now we could enjoy my birthday weekend properly and onto telling the parents!

Helen (and Sparty)


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