Friday, November 18, 2011

Telling our parents and everyone else!

Friday 11th November, 2011
Spartacus 12 + 5

We went straight from our scan, back to Nailsworth to tell mum and dad.  I told mum very soon after arriving by showing her my scan.  She looked at me and started crying.  She said 'I knew' (like I knew she would!) and then we had a long chat about all the ins and outs.  She had a read of my notes and we spend the afternoon baking some cakes for my birthday tea on Sunday with Tom's family.

Dad got home around 5:45 and again we gave him the picture and let him figure it out.  He also started crying and gave me a really big hug.  It was lovely that they both knew.  Of course the worrying and questions start here!  We had a nice dinner and early night (as I was feeling pretty exhausted by then; emotionally and physically!)

Vic, Joe and Freddy came down as well on the Saturday and of course they knew but it was nice to have another chat about everything.  We kept saying to Fred - 'Where's your cousin?' sometimes Vic says he points to the door!  but mostly I just think he looks confused!  He can say 'Baybee' though so we're getting there.  He loves babies so already he going to make a brilliant older cousin!  (and Vic says that if Sparty is a boy then we can dress them up in matching outfits for Rocky's wedding- how cute will that be!)

Sunday 13th November (my 32nd Birthday!) 
13 Weeks

On Saturday night we drove back home (with a short vomit stop in Weybridge - how lovely!)  and were up bright and early for our birthday lunch with Tom's family.  We did a big tidy up of the house and make some lunch for them.

It was Tom's turn to tell everyone so he handed his mum and dad each of our iPhones with the scan picture on it and told them that we had some news!  It didn't take them long to figure it out and they were all very happy!  Tom told me he was really nervous telling them all!  Lots of hugs and kisses and questions and we all chatted about the last 13 weeks.  They told me that they had guessed a few minutes earlier when they saw that we had moved the desk down from the office (now Nursery!) and although they were all probably expecting it - I'm sure it was a lovely surprise!

A very original birthday for me.  Really funny to think that just one year ago, me and Tom were attending the tasting evening for our wedding  getting really drunk and looking forward to the best day of my life so far! 

Completely amazing how much my life has changed since that wonderful Valentine's day kiss in February 2009!

Helen (and Sparty)

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